Friday, November 11, 2011

   Well the scavenger hunt was a bit trickier than I had expected; I brought a friend along and we got into debates as to what piece of art work had the figure the paper was referring to.  I'll mention the one I was the most uncertain with.  I wasn't sure exactly as to which painting had the figure of Erzulie Fréda or perhaps it was Erzulie Dantor, because the one female figure I saw suckling a child (Ti?) was dark skinned and she was standing in the corner of a painting with a man playing cards on a table.     
   The paintings upstairs were so colorful! I love the brightness in these paintings; one doesn't see that as much in western paintings.  I know this has nothing to do with the Haitian art, but the Bahamian artist exhibit was wonderful.  I really dig that kind of art work.  The Haitian art was lovely as well.  It was filled with Haitian iconography and symbolic colors.  They also seem to use bold energetic lines to describe the forms.
     There was a room with nothing but drapeaus, those were impressive, and quite sparkly.  There was a drapeau that depicted a dancing skeleton, with liquor bottles and a hat.  I think this is referring to Baron Samedi, as he is often associated with having a skull like face, and wears a hat, and he is the cross roads spirit who welcome the dead into the afterlife.  There was also depictions of veve on the drapeau, and symbols of power, and wisdom, such as the snake.  I saw a drapeau with a big mermaid on it.  I wonder if this referring to Mami Wata?  I didn't realize she was a Vodou spirit also.  There were other drapeaus with figures on them I did not recall learning about; I’d like to go back sometime and learn more about them.  The scavenger hunt ensured that I explored every last micrometer of the museum.  I even ended up in a kitchen by accident.  I’m pretty certain I saw every last bit of art work they had up there.  I was really impressed by their selection of African inspired art. 

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  1. I'm glad you were able to see the collection. I'd like to see more critical analysis of what you saw, and how it was displayed. What for example, did your friend (who assume was not in the class) get out of it without any background? What did you get out of it beyond the aesthetic? Does it matter that what you got out of it was primarily (at least from your blog here) aesthetic?